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I am an experienced freelance writer and editor and an adjunct professor in business and related topics. I am a former trial attorney. more...

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I've published 9 articles that have been viewed 294,796 times. I've received +15 recommendations as an expert for my writing. I've answered 3 questions and received +6 positive votes.
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Incoco nail polish appliques are dry applique sheets that are made of actual liquid nail polish; this allows the user to apply them quickly and easily. They can stretch to fit the individual's fingernail size and be trimmed and filed to the liking of each wearer. At around $8 for each set (which is designed to give you one manicure, but for some people, provides not one manicure but two), the set is supposed to last around two weeks. Compared to paying for salon services, this makes Incoco's app...
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Each of these services has its own advantages and each fills a distinct niche. SingleHop is especially useful for customers who have a particular need to guard confidential information and must rely upon that security 100% of the time. Codero is best-suited for users in need of the latest in technological solutions and green business practices. ServerPronto is most useful for businesses with their eye on the balance sheet who need to save money while still accessing a high quality product.
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Green Smoke is the best option for those customers who want the best in customer service interaction and responsiveness and who will spend their money to get it. NJOY is a simple, no frills experience for those who don't want or need to sift through choices or make their e cigarette choices a major part of their day to day. Vapor4Life is a great option for smoking aficionados who need the flavor and output of their e cigarette option to be right on target, and who can't afford to break the...
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In a three-tiered comparison of laptops, Dell came out on top of the low-end laptop comparison, while Lenovo took first place in the mid-range laptop category, and HP came in first place amongst the high-end laptops compared. Some of the factors weighing to the comparisons aside from cost (which, of course, determined whether a laptop was low-end, mid-range or high-end) were as follows: Speed/Mhz Size/weight/portability Gaming ability Computing power Business capabilities Screen size Bac...
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These three companies all receive high marks across the board from customers. While they all provide quality products, each has a certain set of strengths that sets it apart. Zenni Optical provides the lowest cost options, and the best website and customer service. FramesDirect has the largest selection of frames by far and is the only one of the three to offer contact lenses. GlassesUSA offers the best no-risk refund policy and great shipping options, especially for international customers.
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Pricing is fairly consistent between these providers. Each has a spate of negative reviews by single, angry consumers you can find online, but they all have high ratings from the BBB and growing customer bases. Flower choices are also similar for each service. FTD is a great option for businesses or people who need to buy flowers frequently. Their customer service is also the most available and expansive in terms of options, further suiting them for corporate clients. Flower Delivery Expre...
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These are three very different products; any one of them might be right for you depending on your needs. Tempur-Pedic features its own memory foam which is more comfortable, longer-lasting and sleeps cooler than others on the market. This kind of mattress reduces motion significantly and lets you sleep next to an insomniac or restless sleeper without being bothered. Saatva is the first 100% online mattress manufacturer and store. As such it offers comparable quality products for much lower...
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If you need an interactive option you are best served by InterCall or GoToMeeting. If you need high-quality multimedia sharing options choose Huddle. If live service is important to you, choose InterCall or, to a lesser extent, GoToMeeting. GoToMeeting is a simple plan with no hidden costs if you will never need a large meeting. If you need online cloud storage of your files, Huddle is the only choice.
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ShutterStock has the most extensive stock and the highest resolution options but it is also the most expensive unless you need to download multiple images almost every day. Fotolia has the best search options and more choices than iStockPhoto although it has fewer than ShutterStock. iStockPhoto has the best user interface and is very easy to use.
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Depending on your personal or small business needs, you could potentially benefit from each of these three legal “do it yourself” resources. The real questions to ask yourself are: What specific area do I need help with? What is the exact kind of help I need? Do I need documents prepared? If so, do I know which ones? Will I need to be represented at some point? Your answers to all of these questions matter in choosing which of these three services as the best fit.
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